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News and updates

06/2017  Dr. Joey Lin will present Arcadia Innovation's latest advances in GTI 2017 seminar, Hsinchu

06/2017  TimeHawk Constraints brings one-stop SDC signoff solution that shortens and simplifies SDC iterations between RTL and physical design teams
06/2017  TimeHawk 2017.06 Release adds features such as design health, reducing pessimism with LVF etc.
05/2017  Arcadia Innovation will present its latest innovations in the 54th Design Automation Conference, Austin

05/2016  TimeHawk improves SPICE correlation through accuracy enhancement technologies
03/2016  TimeHawk Constraints provides a unique physical aware CTS feature to accelerate placement-CTS iterations

02/2016  TimeHawk 2016.02 Release now supports ETM generation
05/2015  Arcadia Innovation releases a new product, TimeHawk Constraints, to accelarate timing constraint debug

04/2015  TimeHawk 2015.04 Release provides the physical aware validation feature to speed up ECO iterations

12/2014  TimeHawk adds new ECO advisory features

05/2014  Arcadia Innovation becomes the newest member of EDA Consortium

05/2014  TimeHawk provides GUI feature for convenient multi-mode multi-corner management
02/2014  TimeHawk 2014.02 Release improves speed and accuracy