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Our management team combines years of EDA expertize and business leaderships. Advanced technologies and business insights help to define the unique  TimeHawk product, which has enabled much success for our customers and ourselves. Read More

The company also has a group of supportive advisors who help to guide the growth of the company through the years. They are renowned faculty members of UCLA, Cornell, etc. who also succeeded in EDA business.



Arcadia Innovation has a team of veteran engineers and serial entrepreneurs. We work hard together and share Silicon Valley's small business culture. If you are passionate about building a top-tier system and being part of a success, this is a right place for you.

Working at Arcadia Innovation is always a rewarding experience. As a growing company, we provide various opportunities for early members to learn, execute and lead. This would be the best place to explore your potentials and interests, and accelerate your career success.

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Arcadia Innovation is founded in southern California ten years ago. It is named after the beautiful city Arcadia where peafowl walk in backyards. 

In recent years, Arcadia Innovation has started expanding its operations into silicon valley. Now it has two branch offices in Asia.


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