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LEAD tech Innovations in STA and constraints

TimeHawk of Arcadia Innovation is a groundbreaking Static Timing Analysis (STA) and constraint solution. In recent years, STA has become significantly more challenging due to large designs, complex delay models and MMMC, etc. It is difficult to reduce time to market when the traditional timers require days and nights for each iteration. Timing constraints is naturally associated with STA. The development of constraints also becomes complex and error-prone when designers integrate various IP modules and legacy constraints, and requires iterations to fix.

TimeHawk products series are based on an advanced software system dedicated to improve the efficiency in tackling timing issues at all design stages. It is designed 

with next-generation software architectures, and has been matured with tens of man-year of R&D, as well as verified on numerous customer designs. TimeHawk also addresses the hard parts in the design flow, and bring unique features to simplify SDC reviews, shorten placement-CTS iteration, and reduce pessimism in ECO and signoff stages.

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We will present TimeHawk product line at the 57th Design Automation Conference, DAC 2020: A Virtual Experience. Please mark your calendar on July 20-22nd.Visiting our virtual booth at​, and schedule a detailed demo and/or discussion with our on-site team.

TimeHawk PRODUCT series