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A Timer engine to share

Achieving timing and its constraints are key  objectives in most of the design stages. Therefore timing analysis is a frequently used functionality module. Nowadays, the complexity of a commercial-grade STA has become a barrier for innovation. The implementation of STA requires extensive knowledge, and years of  dedicated R&D, especially when the STA requires high efficiency and capacity to accommodate  today's large design size and limited time to market.

TimeHawk Guide is a set of APIs and commands for the purpose of interfacing TimeHawk with other EDA tools easily and efficiently. Internal CAD teams or EDA partners can integrate TimeHawk core technologies into in-house developed CAD tools through TimeHawk Guide.

flexible interface

Different applications have different requirement on interface platforms, styles and efficiency. Through years of engineering and crafting, we present to you a reliable solution in three styles:

1. Tcl query

2. Socket communication

3. C++ APIs

Tcl queries are simple and straightforward, specifically suitable for script based applications. C++ APIs are flexible and efficient, and compatible with C++ applications that arbitrarily request timing updates and analized data. Socket falls in between the above methods. It is simple and efficient, and performs well for applications that require large amount of data access in sessions.


With the best STA analysis provided through TimeHawk Guide, the in-house CAD team can significantly reduce the amount of time to develop and maintain a timer, and the technologists will have more time and resource to focus on what matters the most for each specific application.

TimeHawk GUIDE